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Hatchet Man Build | PVE + PVP


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The Axe man is all about damage

This build is great for expeditions and general PvE

great for both Solo and Team play

The core of this build is to be behind an enemy, and to crit them, or in solo go berserk and out DPS even level 60 enemies

This is where the great axe comes into it's own, if you are in a party with a tank, make sure they take agro
this will let you stand behind an enemy and get those sweet auto critical hits, the passives:

Critical Gains
Keen Edge
and Greed

Will not only boost your crit damage through the roof, but heal you from every hit, this is a very good way to stay alive as it is a constant stream of healing

While you will be able to at later levels be able to critically hit for upwards of 10,000 damage! (a lot)
using the combo of

Execute + Executioner
Death's Embrace
a tier V Emerald gem in your axe

An emerald gem gives you extra damage to enemies under 30% health, coupled with the auto crit from Executioner, the extra damage from both Execute and Deaths Embrace when under 50%, you are going to want to save this attack until the very end! with a 25 second cool down you can use it once when a boss hits 50% health then switch to hatchet, then switch back when the boss reaches under 30% for those sweet sweet big numbers ♥

The 1 v All me Berserk

With the loss of enemy stagger (gone but not forgotten), PvE has become a lot harder, but blocking is annoying, you can no longer cancel attacks into a block, and have those awkward moments while you sit there blocking waiting for the enemy to attack so they don't interrupt your attack combo.... But no longer! With the passives:

Uninterruptible Berserk
Accumulated Power
Fortifying Strikes

You can now be the face tank you've always wanted to be! While in a berserk rage you cannot be staggered or interrupted and hitting the same target will mean you deal more damage and take less, yes it may sound simple and  unga boonga just left click 5head, but the hatchet coupled with life stealing that comes with most hatchets and an uncapped damage modifier from Against All Odds means you can  sit there and out heal, ((it's not updated on this site yet but berserking refresh has changed to heal you a % every 5 seconds ;))

Armor! (Because you all asked!)

You can wear either Heavy or Medium with this depending on your play style! if you want to be a tank go more Con and take Heavy Armor, this will let you tank in Expeditions, and take on higher level mobs solo

While I run medium personally this is because I love to DPS, and more dodges keep me out of trouble, while the 10% extra damage works for me really well

Tip! you can get medium armor by wearing 4 heavy pieces, and 1 medium, as long as you don't have a shield this should put you in the medium weight range!

you can go light for the 20% extra damage, but be careful, because you are a close range fighter, and a lot of mobs have attacks with hit boxes that can hit behind them and wipe you out!

Build order!

I would recommend to try and get a hatchet first for levelling, and max out the berserk ability first, it will give you more speed, and healing for between combat, then when you're ready for pvp get the Great Axe to level 12, and grab blood lust, this will give you a huge advantage in pvp battles, with a 30% speed buff!


I would recommend 300 in strength for the Grit on attacks, then 50 in Dex for the extra crits, then if you are a mad lad 150 in con for the HP to last a life time!
((515 is max stats break down is: 25 base, 190 level, 260 gear, 40 tier V food ♥)

After Beta: if you plan to do PvP I would put about 50/50 into strength and con! so aim for a 200/200 looking build! the extra con goes a long long way to being able to trade with your enemies!

Now get out there and show me some Axe Action!

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