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Thrust Master | PVP + Guide


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Thrust Master Build (PVP)





     Build Idea

  •   Make a balanced build with a lot of damage, control and sustain 
  •   Focused on open World PvP but also great damage and give everyone 30% more damage in dungeons
  •   Use bow and spear for both closed and ranged combat

Talent choices - Spear

        Zoner Abilitys:
  •  Sweep - deal 75% weapon damage and knocking down the target - the only ability we pick up in the Zoner tree and gives us a reliable knockdown ability that is very important for the main combo of this build
    • Tenacious Sweep - you have grit during sweep - we make Sweep uninterruptible by giving it grit

        Zoner Passives: 
  • Row 1:  
    • Deadly Reach - first tier is giving us 10% critical chance on attacks that are 3+ meters away - We want as much crit chance as possible and the other choice is not super great we aren't spamming heavy attacks in PvP
  • Row 2:  
    • Refreshing Reach - 15% CDR on succesful heavy attack  - We are picking up more CDR later
    •  Evasive Maneuvers - 20% reduced cost of defensive rolls after hits  - Great to have to maximize our dodge potential!
  • Row 3:
    •   Merciless Strength - 25% damage against knockdowned targets - This pairs nicely with our uninterruptible  Sweep for some sweet combo
    • Invigorating Crits - 20 stamina recovery on crit - this one is insane paired with our build which aims to stack up as much crit as possible.
  • Row 4
    •  Defensive Stance - Damage reduction of 15%, but for a short 2 second duration - It's alright and works well when weaving in some heavy attacks
       Impaler Abilitys:
  • Perforate - deals a quick 3 strikes of 70% weapon damage as well as applies rend to the target which increases our damage with 5% per stack (15%) 
    • Rupturing Strikes - double the effectiveness of the rend stacks if the enemy has 50% or more health left when hit (30%)
    •  Impactful Strikes - stagger the target if you hit all three strikes - we are always using Perforate after Sweep, therefore we should always hit three strikes which would apply a 15% rend debuff and stagger.

  • Vault Kick -  deal 75% weapon damage and stun your target for 1.5 seconds - this ability is amazing and is used third in our combo to get a head start on gaining some distance while swapping to the bow
    • Relentless Blows - if you hit someone with 50% health or less gain 20% damage buff for 5 seconds - overall more damage nice!
    • Continuous Motion - 30% CDR on hit with vault kick - not much to say other then this CRD is gonna get us to pop off!
     Impaler Passives: 
  • Row 1:
    • Refreshing Jabs  - 10% CDR on  the second hit of a light attack - more CDR is always nice to have
  • Row 2:
    • Finishing Blows - 15% damage against targets with 30% or less health  - finishing the job is just easier with some extra damage 
  • Row 4:
    • Aggressive Maneuvers - 20% CDR on any hit after dodge rolling - amazing passive coupled with our stamina regen from Invigorating Crits we are going to be dodge rolling all the time
  • Row 5:
    • Exposed Wounds - 15% critical chance against targets with bleed - we get a bleed passive on our bow called Keenly Jagged which makes us apply a bleed for 10 sec on critical
  • Row 6:
    • Exploited Weakness - 10% dmg per debuff on the target (Max 30%) - this will be up for the full 30% most of the time and is just great overall dmg increase. 

Talent choices - Bow

     Hunter abilities: 
  • Penetrating Shoot - deals 150% weapon damage and passes through targets for up to 100m - a fast shot dealing good damage and is easier to hit with then a normal attack, almost useless to try to pass through enemies tho
    • Blood Soaked Arrow - useless ability we just wanna get the last point. 
    • Deep Strike - 20% MORE damage to targets 20m+ away - MORE damage!
     Hunter Passives: 
  • Row 1:
    • Long Range - 20 % MORE damage to targets 10m+ away - MORE damage!
    • Aim True - 30% MORE damage to heavy attacks and faster arrows - MORE damage!
  • Row 2:
    • Finishing Shot - 20% MORE damage to enemies under 50% health - MORE damage!
  • Row 3:
    • Opening Strike - 20% damage to heavy attacks to enemies with 100% health - INCREASED damage!
  • Row 4:
    • Surprise Attack - 20% extra damage if you have not attacked in the last 10 sec - EXTRA damage!
  • Row 5:
    • Bullseye - 10% pure critical chance - what a way to round this insane damage tree out

     Skirmisher Abilitys:
  • Evade Shot -  leap back 5 meters and shot an arrow dealing 125% of your weapon damage - great distancing tool which deals a decent amount of damage if you manage to hit it!
    • Evasive Knockback - evade shot knocks back the target 2 meters - even better distancing of 7 meters now!
    • "Optional " Go the Distance - evade shot grants 15% movement for 5 seconds - this point is optional

  • Poison Shot - shot an arrow that creates a poison cloud 3 meters wide and applies a poison debuff to enemies dealing a total of 200% weapon damage over 20 sec - great overall for putting up more debuffs on your target which  has a synergy with Exploited Weakness from the spear talent tree as well as a nice way of putting on some extra chip damage on to the enemy.
    • Infected Arrows - increase the poison damage to 220% over 20 sec
    • "Optional" If you didn't pick up "Go the Distance" on Evade Shot - you pick up Direct Hit - which increases damage with a direct hit with 200% more damage with poison shot.. 
     Skirmisher Passives: 
  • Row 1:
    • Evasive Tactics - 20 % more damage for 5 sec after a dodge roll - this will come in handy as we are maximizing our bonuses on the rolls!
  • Row 3:
    • Dodge and Weave - 10% movement speed for 2 sec after a dodge roll - great for creating more distance
  • Row 4:
    • Archers Speed - 10% movement speed for 5 sec after weapon swap to bow - this comes in very handy since we are always weapon swapping to animation cancel when we dodge roll anyway
  • Row 5:
    • Mark - 10% more damage to enemies with 1 active debuff - this is gonna be up all the time


Is the enemy far away?
Open up with a Heavy Attack from the bow --> burst the enemy with  Penetrating Shot -> poison the enemy with Toxic Shot --> (Weave in potential light or heavy attack) --> Begin the rotation below when the enemy is close 
  • Reasoning: Always open up with a heavy attack because of the passive Opening Strike which grants heavy attacks 20% damage to targets with 100% health , follow this up with some more burst with Penetrating Shot to get its  CD started  and to be sure you get the bonus damage from having the enemy more then 20 meters away, after that apply the poison with Toxic Shot either to create distance in front of you or to directly burst the enemy with that extra 200% damage on Direct Hits. Continue your melee rotation with the spear when the enemy is closer . 
Is the enemy close?
Open up with a Sweep --> followed by a quick Perforate --> followed by a Vault Kick  --> (Swap to bow) --> create distance with Evasive Shot  --> poison the enemy with Toxic Shot --> burst the enemy with Penetrating Shot
  • Reasoning:  Sweep knocks down the enemy, which activates  Merciless Strength giving us 25% increased damage with our Perforate, since the target is knocked down it will not be a problem to hit all three attacks and apply 3  stacks of rend and increase damage with 15% and also stagger the  enemy, making it easier for us to hit the Vault Kick, after this you would most likely want to create some distance with Evasive Shot and as soon as possible apply the poison damage to put pressure on an already hurt enemy, put some more damage on them with Penetrating Shot. After this point act according to the situation, swap to spear when the enemy is close and perform the same combo again until dead. 


Pros and Cons

  • Pros 
    • Fun to play and satisfying combos
    • Great outplay potential with high skill cap
    • 1v1 god with annoying cc and escape mechanics
    • Always needed in dungeon groups with your essentially permanent 30% damage increase from the rend stacks on Perforate
    • Uses Medium weight class for more increased survival and one extra dodge
  • Cons
    • You have to aim to hit your shots with the bow



  •  What to do if i don't have a bleed enchant on weapon?  -  Tip replace Exposed Wounds with Precise Jabs for 5% critical on Light Attacks
  • Where to put my attribute points?  - You should put 300 points into Dex and put the rest of your points in to constitution. 
  • What gear to use?  - The gear selection is not final, but it is something you should strive for. When not having legendaries, you should aim for Dex main stat and other useful enchants that boosts our damage / survivability. 
  • Is it fun to play? -   I had so much fun with this build on the beta and I'm going to play it on release! 
  • Why Deadly Reach? - According to information the spear has a 4 meter attack reach, so you have a 1 meter leeway for the 10% critical
  • What order to pick the talents? 
    • Spear:  Deadly Reach, Sweap, Refreshing Jabs, Perforate, Merciless Strength, Vault Kick, Rupturing Strikes, Inpactful Strikes, Rentless Blows, Continuous Motion, fill rest as you like.
    • Bow:  Evade Shot, Evasive Knockback, Poison Shot, Evasive Tactics, Dodge and Weave and Archer's Speed (Either go Penetrating Shot now or fill out some damage passives in the hunter tree like Aim True for Heavy Attacks and Long Range, Finishing Shot and Opening Strike.)
  • Light Armor vs Medium Armor - You can definitely play this build with light armor if you want, it can improve your speed while leveling but it will also make you easier to kill if you manage to get yourself in a bad situation. Medium armor is recommended as a balance between the movement, control and survivability. 
    • Dodge Animation Cancel Tech Tip - Bind your "swap current weapon" to what ever key you want ( i use X for this) - Every time you dodge, click to swap current weapon, this will cancel the movement delay at the end of the dodge and will give you more speed then a regular roll. Since we are swapping weapons between the bow and the spear all the time you will also be granted with movement speed from the passive Archer's Speed which gives 10% extra haste for 5s along with 10% haste from Dodge and Weave. Have fun outrunning everyone! 
  • *Optional* Rapid Shot - You could swap out Penetrating Shoot for Rapid Shot if you are mostly doing PvE. It gains a lot of value here especially while levling and is great with the passive Rapid Accuracy when you can reliably hit all three shots. It can still be used for PvP aswell, but i prefer Penetrating Shot for this, since you have to hit atleast 2 of the arrows on Rapid Shot to make it worth it and its not as easy to do. If you choose this option, just replace the passives from Penetration Shot with the passives in Rapid Shot.
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